Rewilding Movement and Martial-Arts


We move as animals, as mountains, as rivers, as trees, we learn to use our bodies powerfully and gracefully, whether in self-defense, or in moving like ghosts in the wilderness (urban or otherwise).

We dance and play as otter.
We gruffly stamp as bear.
We stand immovable as mountain.
We breathe and shelter like cedar.
We drum our rhythm like ocean.

We shapeshift into the wild.

At Rewild Movement and Martial-Arts gatherings, you play intuitive theater games, you find and use your center to become immovable (and easily move others), you practice filipino stick fighting, grappling, kickboxing, you dance, you play, so you can take your skills out onto the street and into the woods to keep yourself safe and having fun.

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Eagle photo (c) 1999 Don Baccus. All other photos (c) 2008 Thaddeus Koster.