Deep in the College Archives

Almost everything on this page, except the podcasts, I originally posted years and years ago – this blog has chugged along since 2004. To find lots of more recent articles and podcasts, just poke through the recent archives.

For all the audio materials, check out the College of Mythic Cartography’s Podcast page.

For a series of six essays on the craft of Mythic Cartography, look into Mythic Cartography Explained, parts One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six.

For a history of our ongoing relationship with animism, check out Lovesick Gods of Heaven and Earth, abandon Secular Puritanism, contemplate a Return to the Tao, experience the Animist Language World, feel your Mind Boggle at its implications, wander the infinite shelves of the Wild Library, revisit your childhood’s Haunted Lands, and don’t forget the lessons of the Boy Named Num.

For the series on rewilding and breaking the spell of the modern culture, look into Breaking the Spell, parts One (Rewilding), Two (Rewilding Your Ability to Reason), Three (Reality Therapy), Four (the Village Philosopher), Five (the College of the Round Table), Six (the Reason for Riddles), and Seven (the Wise Compass).

For the College’s work on Riddles, check out the Theory of Riddles, the Riddler’s Way, and then try your hand at the College’s Scholarship Riddle.

Explore family traditions among animist and indigenous people by Becoming Traditional, joining the Ones Who Are Dream and Land Together, wandering with the Free Families, and Put Family and Tribe Back Together.

Understand the animist metaphor of The Flesh, defend it against the Cult of Science, reveal its Wisdom, and see flesh mythologically alive as Sacred Wounds and Flowering Swords.

Open your mind to the world as a Basket Containing Emptiness, leave your baggage at the Grave of Right and Wrong (and perhaps leave some Further Offerings), remember Sacred Means Survival, join the Animal Tracker’s Celebration of Mystery, listen to important News, meet the Enemies of Coyote, exchange some Gold Coins for Copper Pennies, and finally, find the Love of the God for the Goddess in a most unlikely place, .