The Rewilder’s Underground Railroad

You can best understand animism by diving in all the way.

For some, you want to understand out of curiosity. For others, the urge to escape the madness of civilization drives you like hounds at your heels. We don’t need to talk about the endless cycles of wage slavery here – you understand why we call it “the Underground Railroad”.

a8a37aec6b38b780a66c50f700874cb6_largeI stand at the door – through the door you can see the Hoop, a lifeway of land-tending and food gathering in the Great Basin of the Northwest. At this time, I know of no other better opportunity for non-indigenous people in North America to relearn an animist lifeway fully and without reservation.

To help you make up your mind, whether or not this path fits you, I offer some readings on the Hoop.

First, you have Finisia Medrano’s book, Growing  Up in Occupied America. Read my review of it here. Buy this book to support the hoop – if you can’t afford it, other resources exist.

You have Seda Joseph Saine’s essays Toward a Philosophy of Rewilding Hoop Psychology. Make sure to follow Seda through his explanations of Stage 0 Planting the Seeds, Stage 1 Reflection, Stage 2 Facing the Truth, Stage 3 Moving into the Breath of the Creator, and Stage 4 Conclusion.

This series by Seda is meant to give you full informed consent on the process of transitioning to the Hoop. In particular, consider taking this observation from the series to heart:

The reality is that the hoop doesn’t offer any real escape from the problems of our world. If anything, it amplifies them and demands that we take a greater level of responsibility than most people are even willing to think about. The hoop will never live up to these escapist expectations. Therefore it only does a disservice for one to indulge in fantasies of the hoop being the answer to all of our problems or a way out of civilization. All the problems we face in civ come out there with us. The difference lies in the opportunities we have to transform them.

Check out an old blog on the Hoop:

edgewalkers2 Or check out this site dedicated to planting back on the hoop.

Support and start a conversation with the folks at Edgewalkers Social Forestry camp.


Note that the Hoop and Finisia have a YouTube channel.


You can find Finisia on Facebook, and the Sacred Hoop Rewilders group too.

You can download pamphlets that talk about the non-profit they’re setting up to do this work.

Ready to dive in whole hog? Remember Finisia’s recommended equipment list:

Titanium digging stick. Soil knife. Ceramic water filter. Sleep gear with pad and bivy sack. Tent. Tarps. Eating utincels. Cooking gear. Stove and fuel. Good boots. Many pair merino wool blend socks.water bottles(no glass) .fire bundle. Knives. And dont forget to bring a towel.

fd2f0cfa7c0286ef5916af1a09d4c509_largeEvery year in the Spring you have the opportunity join an immersion walkabout on the Hoop. However, the hoopsters welcome courteous guests bearing gifts at any time.

Finisa’s phone number for questions and introductions: (541) 480-0933

The photos on this page are by Adrain Chesser, from a kickstarter project to publish a photo essay on their work.


A symbol of the Hoop – a Bitterroot flower with roots in the four directions

By Chelsea Rose, a tender of the Hoop

By Chelsea Rose, a tender of the Hoop


[If any hoopsters see anything to correct on this page please contact me or post in the comments below]